With my Fiancé

It’s important to start by saying, my fiancé and I are very different people.

Watching sports and playing video games are the last things I’d like to do with my time, but it’s what he loves. We like very different movies, and tv shows – the only tv show we will both sit down and watch avidly is Game of Thrones – but that’s a law unto itself anyway. Visiting bookshops is definitely not his idea of a fun day out, yet each time we find ourselves near one, he rolls his eyes at me, laughs, and says, “C’mon then”.

The most common bookshops near us are Waterstones, so that’s where I generally end up gravitating towards. He’ll follow me around the shelves, and patiently watch as I fill my arms with anything I fancy that day. He’s respectful enough to not point out that I still haven’t read the stack of books I’d bought on our last visit to a bookshop, which means he’s one of my favourite people to visit bookshops with.

Sometimes, he’ll saunter off to the business or self-help sections, just to give me the time to lose myself in the shelves. He’ll laugh at me when I get excited at all of the different editions of Winnie the Pooh, or Peter Pan. He listens to my stories about when I first discovered authors I loved, or why this book of feminist essays is different to the other one.

In every way, he’s a wonderful bookshop buddy, even though it bores him out of his mind. The interest he shows when I talk about the things I love is one of the many reasons he’s my Fiancé.

And if it means I have to sit through some terrible action movie when we get home, then I think that’s a happy compromise.

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