Nice to meet you!

Really excited to start this blog. I work as a bookseller in a secondhand bookshop, and have always had a passion for books, and it’s great to have a chance to write freely about them.

There will be a schedule to my blogging, which is exciting! It just doesn’t currently exist, got to figure out how to drive this thing first!

Now let’s get started!

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A little something

The room is peaceful. Old jazz music plays through the tinny speakers above the door, at odds with the contents of the room. There’s a oriental carpet on the floor, a deep red that somehow matches the mismatched spines perfectly. The sounds of mugs clinking and the coffee machine warming milk can be heard through the doorway. But it seems a million miles away from where you are.

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The Stages of Being a Reader

I’ve given a lot of thought, in my time as a bookseller, and as a reader myself, about the difference in what reading means to us at different ages.

To me, reading has always been at the forefront of my mind and my life. I make time for it, in the evenings after work, on my rushed lunch break, I even used to read on my way home from school. I remember once holding the heavyweight that is the Order of the Phoenix between my thirteen year old hands and being so focused on the words that I walked straight into a lamp post.

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With My Grandmother

Every other week, I’m going to be posting a series, of sorts, about visiting book shops.

Naturally, I visit a lot of book shops, with a variety of different people, in a variety of different places. I intend to spend some time reflecting on the experience, from which book shop it is, to whether it’s raining, if i’m sad or happy, and so on.

My first post from this series is going to reflect on what it’s like to visit bookshops with my Grandmother.

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